A Concept To Be Completed
1957 Galileo Show Car

Many favourable cars features elements from aeroplane design especially those developed post war,but the one pictured is particularly so. Developed by American Joseph Galileo who was an Army Air Corp veteran having served for four years, the concept was a one-off yet incomplete.

Galileo was determined to create a car for the future on his own. After deciding on using the then new material fibreglass for the body, he built the mould himself with wood and plaster. The body was unique and influenced by the jets from that time, while the gullwing doors could have referenced the Mercedes 300 SL. Innovative bumpers were found at the front and rear of the sidepods, and they could extend or retract according to parking requirements. The 1949 Ford chassis was selected and Galileo wanted to fit a Oldsmobile V-8 Rocket motor as the powertrain.

The show car grabbed the attention from viewers around San Francisco, but for some reason Galileo did not finished the concept. He passed away in 2010 and the concept ended up having a bare interior and even some unfinished parts. The concept is now listed for sale on Hemmings by Undiscovered Classics from Florida.