A Concept Less Ordinary
Maserati Genesi concept by Sergey Dvornytskyy

When Maserati first announced the Alfieri concept back in 2014, it was well received by many, but despite all the applause a production model still hasn’t materalised and will not happen until 2020 at the earliest. While waiting for the automaker’s next move in the sports car segment, Italian CG artist and designer Sergey Dvornytskyy has created the Maserati Genesi, an electric sport coupe concept.

The concept looks futuristic and aggressive, with the grille and the headlights directly influenced by the Alfieri concept. With autonomous driving onboard, the driver can choose to just sit back and relax, or he can opt for the fun VR/Race mode which turns the cockpit into a VR game filled with integrated scenery. Put it simply, you can pretend to be racing at your favourite race track while the car drives itself to the office. The Genesi concept was created completely independently on Maserati of course, but that doesn’t mean the Italian automaker shouldn’t get in touch with Dvornytskyy ASAP.

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