A Car Worth Waiting For
Vanarama Apple Car Concept

It’s no secret that Apple has been working on an electric car project for quite some time now. Although officially kicked off in 2014, it’s reported that the initial concept dates back to the Steve Jobs era. Either way, we can expect to see the final product in a few years’ time. In the meantime, different designers have tried to come up with their own unofficial versions of the Apple Car – British car leasing company Vanarama is one of the latest to have a go, and its vision, which uses genuine patents filed by the tech giant, is sleek and highly desirable.

The concept has taken the form of an SUV coupe, which fits in well with current automotive trends. The pillarless structure is paired with adaptive coach doors – both real-life patents filed by Apple – as a way to offer effortless access without obstruction and greater flexibility for the passenger, while the scooped windows also increase the headroom for boarding. Vanarama has also added a few unique characteristics from existing Apple products. For example, the frosted white finish that was first seen on iPhone 4, the Mac Pro-esque circular vent grill, and the glowing Apple logo from old MacBook laptops. The retractable door handles look familiar too, as they are inspired by the side buttons of the iPhone.

More Apple-patented ideas have been applied for the interior of the concept car. The dashboard is fully customisable so that drivers can arrange the controls as they wish, with a seamless display spanning the dashboard and the centre console. Finally, it wouldn’t be an Apple Car without Siri, and the car’s version of Siri is able to monitor road and cabin conditions, making suggestions automatically.