A Car that Truly Understands You
Peugeot's "Instinct Concept"

Peugeot recently unveiled its stunning “Instinct Concept” car which gives us some insight into the future face of French automotive design.

The Instinct Concept is structured to learn from your habits and then adjust the driving experience accordingly. Thanks to the new onboard I.o.T (Internet of Things) system, the Samsung Artik connects the car to devices that the driver uses every day and aggregates the data to create an unparalleled smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

The I.o.T system will generate and then transfer data from the driver’s devices such as smartwatches, smartphones and social media to a data science company – PEUGEOT and Sentience. There the data is processed to make it meaningful by defining each user’s profile to create the user’s driving preferences. As the analysis is dynamic and continuously enhanced, the Instinct Concept can reconfigure or adapt its system to satisfy all its user’s needs and desires. Further, the system can even connect to the driver’s home to communicate with a smart TV, audio streaming, a home assistant, their PC and other devices.

The Instinct Concept offers four different driving modes: two active modes (Drive Boost or Drive Relax) and two self-driving modes (Autonomous Sharp or Autonomous Soft). While Drive Boost produces a dynamic experience, Drive Relax uses the ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) to assist the driver with adjustments such as automatic main beam switching or the active cruise control.

The Autonomous Soft mode is for comfort. The journeys may be a little longer, giving you time to watch a film, read or simply rest. Lastly, the Autonomous Sharp mode optimises journey times with precise, efficient road handling.

The Instinct Concept interior features the futuristic “Responsive i-Cockpit” complete with a retractable steering wheel, a 9.7-inch display command screen, and seats that take inspiration from aeronautic design to give each passenger a customised individual space.

The “Instinct Concept” will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show that kicks off March 9.

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