70s Aesthetics Reimagined
New Balance 237

New Balance has once again revisited the class style of the 70’s to reinvent new silhouette for 2021. Following the exceptionally successful syle of New Balance 327 launched last year, a brand new, more casual style 237 has just arrived in the opening of the year.

New Balance 237 can be seen as a transformation of the stylish 327. What connects the two models are the enlarged N logo on the side and the overall shape. While 327 stays true to the funky 70’s vibe, the new 237 is more subtle on its appearance. The lines are refined and taking on a simple, minimalistic form. The outsole is different too. While 327 features bold lugged rubber outsole that extends up to the heel, the sole of 237 is more low-key, with inspiration taken from trail training shoes of yesteryears.  The first drop of 237 features two colourways for men’s and one for women’s, all working on classic colour palettes that best fit the retro yet simple look and feel.

Dropping with the 237 are the latest colourways of 327, including the military style inspired MS327PB and MS327IB, plus the MS327PA made using denim cloth, and MS327IA featuring retro patchwork.