2-in-1 Amplifier
McIntosh MC451

McIntosh has always offered a wide range of luxury audio equipment to suit a wide range of needs, be it a portable amplifier for smartphones, a car audio system, or a serious home theatre setup. The brand’s unique Hybrid Drive technology combines the latest vacuum tubes and solid-state components to produce optimal sound performance in a single amplifier, and now this technology has been incorporated into a new model, the MC451 dual mono amplifier.

The McIntosh MC451 follows on from the current MC901 model, yet its smaller size means that it can be placed within a home audio system more easily. Sitting on one chassis, the 150 Watt vacuum tube section with four KT88 output tubes drives the speakers’ midranges and tweeters, while the 300 Watt solid state amplifier powers the woofers. Designed for bi-amping loudspeakers, the audio signal entering the MC451 model will be divided based on the settings of the crossover point, which is adjustable at the back of the unit. The frequencies below the crossover point will be automatically sent to the solid-state amp, and frequencies above it will be sent to the vacuum tube section, offering a hassle-free experience.

The DualView screen at the front combines two meters, each dedicated to just one section, working independently in order to display real-time power readings. Thanks to its compact size — 45.4cm x 30cm x 54.6cm — and sleek mirror-finish appearance, the MC451 is going to be perfect for a wide range of interior spaces and styles.